Creative Provision Across the Trust

Creative Provision Across the Trust

Across the Trust we offer a creative provision through:

  • Early Years Excellence Project Hub School
  • P4C
  • Mindfulness, meditation & yoga
  • IPC Audit, support and training from an International Accredited Facilitator
  • Forest Schools
  • School Farms
  • Specialist Music Teaching & Sports Coaches
  • Access to 6 acres of grounds and facilities plus additional sites
  • School gardens
  • Media Suites
  • Apple School
  • Mini Bus fleet for stimulating trips and visits

Pupils are encouraged and supported in recognising and managing risks for themselves. Fire building and toasting food on the campfire is one of the fun activities at Forest Schools.”

Here are some of the things that children have said about their P4C philosophy lessons:

“P4C is good because there is no right or wrong”

“It is time to learn how to be independent”.

“There are no boundaries, you can have unlimited answers”.

“When deciding on what questions you enquire you have to work as a team”.

“You learn about other people’s opinions”.


A Half time team talk from the Sports Coach proved beneficial for the Girls Football Team at Pickhurst Academy. Final score 4-2 to Pickhurst. Fantastic teamwork!”

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