Our Aims & Values

Our Aims and Values

Chancery Education Trust is committed to securing the highest levels of achievement for all pupils in our schools, regardless of their background. We believe that all young people can and should succeed in school. We are driven by a strong moral purpose to ensure the very best outcomes for our pupils, in order to improve their life opportunities and enable them to live fulfilled lives.

We believe every young person deserves the very best possible start in life through a world class education aimed at helping all the children in the Chancery Education Trust become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

Our aim is to help every young person in our academies/schools to expand their horizons, and build their confidence, talents, interests, skills and qualifications as they make their way towards a fulfilling and prosperous adulthood.

The Trust is focused on the development of the whole person – as a learner, as an individual, as a prospective employee and as a fully participating member of society.

Our Aims

Chancery Education Trust was established in 2015 in order to create a collaboration of world-class schools and academies where every child can fulfil and maximise their potential. Our belief is that students thrive when they experience an inspiring, creative and innovative education that facilitates and develops attributes such as integrity, resilience, aspiration and an enquiring mind, whilst fostering team spiritedness. The Trust never accepts second best and challenges everything we do.

Our Values

Our moral imperative is to provide an innovative, creative and rigorous learning environment in order that students flourish.

  • Our community shares a belief in the power of pupil voice to realise educational achievement.
  • We maintain aspirations for all students regardless of background.
  • All staff exude a passion for improving life chances and ensuring no child is invisible.
  • We nurture a family ethos that shares and extols our values, shared by everyone in our community.
Chancery Education Trust Brochure

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